Family Dentistry

At Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire Dental Practice

Being an established family dental practice, we have been very fortunate to witness many of our young patients grow and mature over the years and start families of their own, which we now treat. We believe that developing a trust and a genuine interest in the lives of our patients and their families is important when it comes to providing ongoing family dentistry of the highest quality.

Attending for regular checkups with the whole family is an opportunity not only to prevent and detect early signs of dental disease like tooth decay but also to develop a bond and trust between us and your child.

Our aim is to focus on prevention, and we do this by carefully monitoring  your child’s developing teeth and gums using the latest in digital radiography, application of fluoride based varnishes, fissure sealing potential ‘weak’ areas of the teeth and straightening teeth by orthodontics allowing for easier and more thorough cleaning.

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